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Articles I’ve written for other blogs

Here’s a selection of articles I’ve written for other blogs.

How to Free Yourself from Others Opinions

This guest post was featured on Tiny Buddha

You know what it feels like.

You’re having a conversation with someone, when ‘bam’ suddenly they say something unexpected, that puts you down.

You think you should respond in an equally hurtful manner, but you’re a bit unsure whether you should even say something on the spot.

You spend hours afterwards mulling it over, and trying to come up with a good answer, next time this happens.

What you might want to consider is to be free of others opinions.

Because only then you are able to withstand inconsiderate remarks.

I’ve come up with some ingenious ways you could build on your authentic values instead of giving in to other people’s belief systems.

Read the full post by going to How to Stop Letting Other People’s Opinions Guide Your Life.

Free Yourself From Others Opinions

Staying Positive in the Face of Health Changes

This guest post, was published on The Change Blog.

It’s an inescapable fact of life.

As we get older, things begin to change in our body.

But sometimes the change is so sudden and unexpected, that the mind fights with its every power to bring ‘normality’ back.

This is what happened to me in the middle of 2015. I had some good things going on in my life, when I suddenly lost hearing just in one ear.

Fortunately, all the personal development practices I’ve been working on, helped me to stay positive while I was getting to terms with the situation.

Read the full post by going to How to Stay Upbeat When Facing Permanent Health Changes.

How to Develop Good Daily Habits

This guest post first appeared on The Change Blog.

Isn’t it a bore?

You know you should establish good daily habits in your life, but frankly life usually gets in the way of those grandiose plans.

You’ve tried so many times to stick to new habits that you’re told you should develop, but over the long-term your efforts end in failure.

What if there was a different way of going after these elusive good daily habits? Could you, for once start on habits that are the foundation for all of the others?

Not so long ago, I’ve found a way of looking at habit forming differently, and instead of shooting for some fairy tale results, I settled with some easy daily habits that could help me build the others on.

Read the full article: 5 Easy Daily Habits that Manifest Profound Long-Term Changes.

Recognizing and Changing Limiting Beliefs

An article written for Addicted2Success.

Do you ever feel like you’re not getting anywhere in life fast?

Or do you find it paralyzing when you notice that little whisper in your ear telling you that you’re not good enough?

We, as humans are fully equipped with a truly miracle machine; our mind. Nothing comes close to its superb automatic functioning, keeping us alive without having to do any conscious work.

But, there’s a sinister side to this amazing organ. If it’s not nurtured the right way, it can easily turn against you.

The good news is that it’s entirely possible to change your mind.

First, you need to catch those unhelpful beliefs behind your unhappiness.

Read the full post by going to The Ultimate Guide To Recognizing And Conquering Crippling Beliefs.

How to Deal with Verbal Abuse

This is a guest post, which first appeared on Tiny Buddha.

Life can throw you some real curve balls at times.

Even when things are going well, you have to be prepared to take some unexpected shocks, and it often comes from other people.

I was at a fairly good point on my self development journey, when I found myself face to face with a bully.

This was something I haven’t had to deal with for a while, and even though it tried my inner resources, I came through it wiser and stronger.

I’d like to share 6 ideas with you that helped me come through this moment.

Read the full post by going to Dealing with Verbal Attacks: 6 Ways to Take the Sting Out of an Insult.

Creating a Rich and Meaningful Life

This is a guest post, which first appeared on Tiny Buddha.

Have you too been frustrated by the idea that to create a rich and meaningful life, somehow you need to accumulate possessions and social titles to prove your worth?

I get it. Most of us have experienced the subtle messages present all around us, that tell you to achieve as much as possible as quickly as possible. Because, “Hey Life is short” and all that.

But what if that kind of thinking will only make us miserable?

Chasing fulfillment in material things, and forgetting in the meantime, how to live whilst having joy in our life?

I invite you to ask these 4 questions, to start shifting your attitude from chasing material riches, to pause and see what you already have…

Read the full post by going to 4 Questions to Ask Yourself to Create a Truly Rich and Meaningful Life.

Letting Go of Expectations

This is a guest post, which first appeared on Tiny Buddha.

Throughout our lives we all have expectations out of people, non-humans and life in general.

Then there comes a point, when you realize that setting your mind on certain outcomes may not be the best way to deal with events outside of your control.

That is exactly what happened to me a couple of years ago, when my partner and I decided to adopt an adult dog. He was (and still is) adorable in many respects, but I often caught myself wishing him to be different.

Gradually I have learned to let go of the expectations that kept me in a particularly restricting mindset about how the dog should be.

Instead, I started to look at this situation as an opportunity to contemplate myself in a new light.

Read the full post by going to Letting Go of Expectations: A Dog’s Wisdom on People and Life.