So, you have anxiety. (Or some other debilitating mental health condition.)

And it sucks. 

You not only suffer through some painful emotions on a daily basis, but it all seems to be getting worse. 

You’re sick of having knots in your stomach for no apparent reason. 

You could certainly do without the sweaty hands and the racing heart, triggered by thoughts that won’t leave you alone. 

And you wish that seemingly innocent ideas wouldn’t so quickly turn into dread and worry.  

It’s not like you haven’t tried to change things. 

Your physical and digital bookshelves are brimming with self help. 

You're an expert in the theory behind anxiety. You tried faking it. 

Group therapy, CBT, meditation, dieting, pills and potions all have a familiar ring to them. 

And they do bring relief. But it's short lived.  

You admit defeat. Why should you even try if nothing makes a difference? 

As the years go by you learn to respond to situations in the best possible way you can. 

But you also notice signs of deterioration in your body. Aches, pains and the weirdest kind of symptoms even the doctors can't explain. 

You're tired most of the time and wish you could press the pause button on time and have a good long rest. 

I get it. I’ve experienced all this.

I will not claim to be an expert in fixing it.

Though I believe I have discovered plausible answers to the origins of most of mental health issues and ways to recovery.

That's what I'm hoping you'll find in these pages.